100% Freeze Dried Australian Raspberry Bites (All-natural Snacks)


100% organic
Gluten free
Dairy free 

Raspberry snacks 100% made from premium raspberries grown and freeze-dried in Australia. All natural – no preservatives, additives or artificial colouring.

What is freeze-dried? 

Freeze-drying is a gentle dehydration process used for preservation of high quality foods. Under certain air pressure, fruits and vegetables are dried at very low temperatures and water is evaporated without passing through the liquid stage. Freeze-drying gives you a very high-quality product because it is done at a low temperature and all nutrition and taste are retained. 

Raspberry benefits: 

 Contains healthy antioxidants
● High in fibre
● Improves skin health
● Diet-friendly and promotes weight loss
● Strengthens immune system
● Improves hair health
● Protects the eye
● Improves brain health
● Contains anti-inflammatory properties
● Cancer-fighting abilities
● Fights rashes and eczema

Manufactured in a HACCP certified facility in Australia.

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